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Roborock S7 is now available with fast delivery and good price on AliExpress

Presented during the CES 2021 event, Roborock S7 is the newest and one of the best models from the Chinese manufacturer product’s range. Even if the name might suggest that it is the successor of Roborock S6 MaxV, the new vacuum is more of an S5 Ma with a better washing function and a higher suction power.

If last year I was saying about S5 Max that it is the best vacuum with a washing function that Roborock ever produced, we can see that it only took a year and already it was overcome. Roborock developed new innovative technologies during all this time, managing through S7 to implement an exquisite washing system, and at the moment, it is the robot vacuum with the best washing function.

The best mop function?

Roborock S7 - mop

If the washing function that we encounter in most of the models of robot vacuums is somehow similar, S7 gets a few significant improvements that I do not think we can find in another product.

For example, with Roborock S7, we can finally get rid of the “No Mop Zone” option because the vacuum comes with an ultrasonic sensor that detects the carpets automatically and it lifts the mop, so it does not touch the carpet. A very useful function for those who have many carpets in their home. Roborock is the first manufacturer in the world that uses this technology in robot vacuums, but most likely, we will see it in other brands shortly.

Roborock S7 - sonic mop

Another technology that we can only use for Roborock S7 is “Sonic Mopping”. With “Sonic Mopping”, when it washes the floor, the mop vibrates (it can get to 3000 vibrations per minute), and it presses with a power twice higher than the mop of S5 Ma or S6 MaxV. This should help even with the cleaning of dry spots on the floor.

All these new technologies make S7 the robot vacuum with the best and more efficient washing function.

A better S5 Max?

Roborock S7 - rubber brush

Although the focus was clearly on the washing function, S7 has a suction power of 2500 Pa, being just as strong as S6 MaxV. It did not reach 3000 Pa, like Dreame D9, but I am convinced that the 2500 Pa are enough. Besides, S7 gets an improved brush manufactured fully from rubberized plastic.  This should ensure a longer lifespan and help us get rid of the cleaning of the hair. It is yet to be seen if it is more effective than the classic brush.

Another new feature is the “Child lock” function that blocks the physical buttons of the vacuum, so children or pets will not be able to stop the functioning program.

Also, S7 will be the first vacuum robot Roborock that is compatible with the future automatic empty station. At the moment, it is not available, but we have the promise that it will be on the market by the end of the year.

Except for this, S7 keeps the same technical specifications as S5 Max. It can be used for homes with more than one level, the containers for water and dust stay the same, and the autonomy is supposed to be up to 3h (with half-hour more than S5 Mac), although the battery has the same capacity.

S7 is the best Roborock vacuum robot?

The new technologies make S7 one of the best robot vacuums existing on the market. I am interested in the washing function, specifically the technology that allows the mop to be lifted from the carpets. I would be curious to find out if it does well in real life, but generally, the Roborock products do as they promise; therefore, I expect it to work in the way they say it does.

Roborock S7 price?

Roborock S7 is now available on AliExpress.com for $639. We can also find it on Geekbuying.com for preorder (it will be delivered after 15 of May) for $549 if you use the discount coupon below. In both cases, it will come by courier from Poland without any other fees. On AliExpress there are only 49 products left, so probably they will be sold out very soon.

Roborock S7

Roborock S7


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